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Job Requirement In Company

As we are growing information technology company we have focused on punishment and reward method. Strictly, everyone should follow the rules and deliver the work in mention time period. The candidate can complete their task in group dependency and need to resolve by self caliber or environment as per requirement.

  • Comple C V
  • Nepalese Citizenship
  • Your Previous Experience is Highly Appreciable
  • Copy of Educational Certificate
  • Experince letters if it has

Open Positions

WordPress Developer

List of Required Documents

  • Complete CV
  • Copy of Nepalese Citizenship
  • Copy of Educational Certificate
  • Your Previous Experience is Highly Appreciable
  • Experince letters if it has

Application Process

1.  Download Application

Please click on download buttton to download application form.


2.  Fill Information

After downloading the forms you can submit through submit button or via email.

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3.  Submit Form

Submit your application form. Application form Should be in pdf form.

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